St Luke's Annual Carol Lyrics Competition

In July we selected the winner of this year's Carol Lyrics competition, the winner of which was Helly Summerly with her poem "On The Night You Were Born". Please follow this link for the full text. These winning words formed the basis for the carol music competition.

How to enter:

The competition is not currently open!

When composing your winning entry, here are a few regulations:

  • All entries must be entirely your own work.
  • The deadline for receipt of entry is some time in July.
  • It should be of a suitable length to be performed in between 1-5 minutes.
  • All entries must be computer printed or handwritten clearly in black ink (legible and not bigger than A4 size paper) and unbound.

Authors should provide a description of the work and its background, suitable for programme notes. Authors should include their details (full name, choir, telephone number, and email address).

By submitting your entry, you agree to the terms and conditions of the competition.

All entries should be submitted to Isabel Sinagola either in a sealed envelope in her pigeon hole in St Luke's, or sent to the church office (St Luke's Church, Sydney Street, London, SW3 6NH) marked "For Attention of Isabel Sinagola, St Luke's Choir". Entries will not be returned so the author should keep a copy for their own records.

You can submit entries electronically - please use the contact form on this website and we will provide you with a direct email address.

The winning entry will be chosen by a combination of the director of music and the clergy, along with any extra ecclesiastical or literary experts we wish to include.

Previous years:


The winning entry was written by Helly Summerly, entitled "On the Night You Were Born".


The winning entry was written by Katie Baum, entitled "Star Carol".


The winning entry was written by Colin Frayn, entitled "How Shall I Know That Love?".


If you have any questions, then please contact us directly, or using the Contact form on this website.

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